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AssistCare Communities of Amador County –  Your Lifestyle, Your Choice

COVID-19 Update
A prior resident of Amador Residential Care returned from a skilled facility.
The resident was on the premises for 1 day under quarantine.
The staff had concerns with resident’s medical conditions and transferred to Sutter Amador within 24 hours. County Health Officer indicated resident tested positive for Covid 19.
ARC and County Health Officer confirmed that staff had followed the proper PPE protocol for quarantine and isolation of resident. ARC and County Health Official will continue to follow CDC protocol and monitor staff and residents to insure their protection.

dad4-1AssistCare Communities of Amador County have provided a safe and secure environment for seniors for more than 20 years. Four locations and levels of service allow you the opportunity to choose the residence and level of care that is right for you or your loved one. Ranging from independent living to multi-level assisted living, residents may choose the perfect fit for their physical and cognitive abilities.

AssistCare Communities of Amador County are located in beautiful Amador County and are all licensed by the State of California. AssistCare Communities of Amador County accept seniors 60 years and older who are looking for Independent to Assisted Living accommodations. Respite, transitional, hospice care and long term residency are available.

Contact us today for more information or to arrange a tour.