I was the conservator for Amador county for many years. During that time, I had to place many people in residential care communities. I am so glad that Jackson Gardens is here for my mother as it is so much better than the other places that I have had experience with. When Mom wasn’t feeling well, she had someone sitting by her bedside for hours to help her feel better.

Carolyn M

My wife lived at Amador Residential Care for many years. I visited her every day. The day that I got the call that she had passed, Donna and Shelley met me at the door and accompanied me to her room. I will never forget their kindness to me and the wonderful life she had while she lived there.
Bob Barfoot

When my dad was in need of personal attention during the late winter of his life, Jackson Gardens staff were there for him. Under their care he even rallied for a while. They watched over him, tended to him and loved him. When his life came to an end they were very respectful of him and his family. I will always be grateful.

Rinda S

Dear Mr. Regan:
When the Butte Fire broke out on Wednesday, Sept 9th, no one could have predicted how it would grow into the monster that it did. My wife, Meg, and I evacuated from Volcano when the smoke plume behind Pine Grove became so ominous and we were immediately invited to spend the night (including our well-trained Border Collie) at Jackson Gardens. We did so and the staff there were all wonderful in their accommodations and professionalism.
We then spent the next three nights at Oak Manor…again with our dog and with the blessings of Sharon McVickers and what a relief it was to be close to my mother, Ruth Gottstein, as well as safe in Jackson and away from the threat posed to upcountry.
Thank you so much for your kindness in offering family members of the residents in your facilities, a safe haven during this emergency. It was deeply appreciated.
All best,
Adam & Meg Gottstein


Nice people but spread a bit thin. Good staff for very hard daily job, my thanks go out to them all.

James B

So Thankful for this Wonderful Young Lady. (Whitney)
You have Fantastic people who work hard to take care of so many…

Cindi K

Thankful Gold Quartz Inn Senior Retirement Home takes such wonderful loving care of Mi’Ma (wished we lived closer by; we love you Mi’Ma) Thank you GQISRH

David M

Thank You for all your Love, Compassion and Hard Work.
ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!

Cindi K

We love the caring folks at Gold Quartz!

Kathleen R